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Davis County confirms second coronavirus case

San Juan County has joined other counties in the state to implement prohibitions on dine-in services and large gatherings. (Image credit: Getty Images)

DAVIS COUNTY, Utah — The Davis County Health Department confirmed its second case of COVID-19 Saturday, saying the individual recently traveled outside the country before falling ill.

The health department confirmed the individual is an adult between the ages of 18 and 60. They did not give further identifying information.

Upon returning home, the individual was notified of their potential contact with the virus. The individual acted quickly to self-quarantine and isolate themselves inside their home.

“This person and their family should be commended for doing what is best for the entire community,” the health department said in a statement. “Because of quick self-quarantine and social distancing actions taken, they ensured this exposure to COVID-19 would not spread further into the community.”


The health department confirmed the individual was aware of risks before traveling, and took “great care and responsibility” to adhere to social distancing guidelines upon returning home.

Even before experiencing symptoms, the traveler took precautions in their home. The individual slept separately from the rest of their family, used a separate bathroom and used gloves and sanitation measures while quarantined in their home, according to the health department.

After symptoms started to occur, the individual called ahead to their healthcare provider to be prepared before they arrived to the facility.

The health department said because of these precautionary efforts, no close contacts have been identified and no public venues were affected.

“There is no risk to other Davis County residents in relation to this case,” the health department stated.

This brings the total number of confirmed cases in the state to 10 people, not including out-of-state visitors. This case in Davis County was not community-spread.

So far, there’s been one community-spread case in Utah that was confirmed Saturday morning.