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Utah’s confirmed COVID-19 cases rise to 39

Utah's state epidemiologist Dr. Angela Dunn (at the podium) says there are now 39 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Utah. However, most people with mild symptoms are being advised to stay home because their immune system can fight off the disease. (Photo: Kelli Pierce)

SALT LAKE CITY – Utah now has 39 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including the first reported cases in Tooele and Wasatch counties.

This is a jump from the 28 reported cases on Sunday.

In all, 29 Utah residents have tested positive for COVID-19, while the other 10 were travelers to the state.

Those travelers are self-quarantining in Utah.

Over 700 people have been screened for COVID-19 in Utah.

However, the Utah Department of Public Health is reminding people that they can take steps to keep themselves and those around them safe.

Utah’s state epidemiologist Dr. Angela Dunn said at a news conference on Monday that a student at Wasatch High School in Wasatch County has tested positive for the disease. It is a case of possible community spread, and students and staff have been quarantined as a precaution.

The case in Tooele County is travel-related, as is most COVID-19 cases in Utah, according to Dr. Dunn.

Dr. Dunn also encouraged younger people and those who are generally healthy to stay home if they think they have a mild case of the Coronavirus.

“Most people will fight off the virus with their own immune system. If they do feel like they need an extra level of care, they need to call their provider or use telehealth, and their provider will advise them on their…suitability for being tested,” Dunn said.

This will ensure that the healthcare system is not overwhelmed and the limited supply of tests are saved for those who need it most.

But hanging out with a few family members and friends at your house should be okay for most people.

“As long as you’re not symptomatic, having those small gatherings are important during this time,” Dunn said.

As is regular exercise if you’re healthy to help boost your mood.

While Dr. Dunn praised Summit and Salt Lake counties for limiting public gatherings, she doesn’t feel the evidence shows the need for a statewide lockdown.