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Dave & Dujanovic: Police helping out seniors by delivering groceries

(Photo: Damian Dovarganes, Associated Press)

SALT LAKE CITY — These times are heavy. We need a little hope, a little good news.

Radio host Debbie Dujanovic found it in Price, Utah.

The city’s police chief, Brandon Sicilia, joined “Dave & Dujanovic” to explain.

The police officers in Price will be available through March 31 for pickup and delivery of groceries for area seniors and those who are housebound.

Lin’s Fresh Market, Smith’s Food & Drug and Wal-Mart all now provide pick-up services in Price.

Hammer-time timeout

“When I talk to my police friends, they feel like they’re the hammer all the time,” Dave Noriega said.

“We are going to be out there regardless of what virus pops up,” said Chief Sicilia. “We are going to be out there for them. We are not out there to hammer our public.

“These seniors here in our community helped personally raise me. I owe it to them to give back. That’s what we’re doing today,” said Sicilia about the plan to have police deliver groceries.

Sicilia said the police officers pick up and deliver groceries to seniors and the housebound in Price.

“We’re not going to stick around and visit or vacuum floors,” he said.

Dave said helping out our neighbors is “something in our DNA in Utah.”

When catastrophes happen, it is an opportunity to look outside yourself to check on your neighbors, he said.

“I’ve checked on more of my neighbors in the past week than I have in the past several months because I’m more aware,” Dave said.

Deb echoed that, saying she’s checking in more on her mom and dad (and sister who lives near them) in Arizona.

Deb even offered her sister two rolls of toilet paper in exchange for buying her dinner.

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