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New website lets you support local restaurants, give virtual tips to servers

It's no secret: Businesses across the country are struggling with coronavirus restrictions in place, with local restaurants facing bigger challenges. (Getty Images)

UTAH – It’s no secret: Businesses across the country are struggling to stay afloat with the coronavirus restrictions in place. As a result, local restaurants face big challenges to bring in revenue.

But, the Utah Restaurant Association created a website to help keep them afloat.

The site has a list of eateries that joined in the efforts to find creative ways to stay open.  Melva Sine with the Utah Restaurant Association says this includes everything from providing to-go orders to delivering food to your door.

Starting Friday, a virtual tip button will be available on the website that go directly to servers. With many servers depending on tips as a large portion of their income, this move helps employees during a time when customers can’t dine in.

Sine is also asking restaurants to begin making meal kits for customers to cook at home.  These would compete with the likes of Blue Apron and Green Chef.

She said not all establishments will be able to provide this service– but for the ones who can, it could be a big boost.