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What should I be doing with my corona check?

Treasury tax check with cash. Getty Images

I’m getting a  $4,400 corona check from the stimulus package.

Four-thousand-and-four-hundred dollars. 

Holy smokes! 

$4,400 for doing absolutely nothing. I didn’t get sick. I didn’t lose my job. I have the same bills. I have the same debt. 

I just happen to be an American citizen that is married with four children. 

So what should I do with that $ 4,400 of federal corona check stimulus money? 

My gut reaction is to bury it in the backyard or hide in my mattress. In fact, I’ve wondered if I could seal it up in my walls with a little sheetrock, mud and tape. 

I know that’s not the purpose of this money. It’s meant to be spent. Against every ounce of fiscal responsibility that lives in my bones, I’ve got to spend it; for the good of the nation. 

It sounds like an argument from one of my kids, but it’s true. It’s been given to us to be spent. 

So what do I do?

Okay, on what should it be spent? 

I think mission  #1 is to pay mortgages and rent and car payments,” said Rep. John Curtis, Wednesday on the Dave and Dujanovic show. 

“Infuse money into the sectors that are hit the hardest,” said Curtis, “I think if people could simply book a trip for the fall when we know it will be safe, pay in advance, it’s going to make a tremendous difference.” 

My entire life, I’ve been told, “There are no free lunches in this life.” 

So, am I going to have to pay this money back at some point? 

“There is no small print (for repayment),” said Curtis, “but we do have to acknowledge that we were not in a good place with our deficit before this started and that’s where the pain of this will be felt—in the deficit.” 

The federal stimulus bill will inject $2 trillion into the economy while sitting on a debt of $23 trillion. 

“We’ve done what we need to do, but we have a very weak foundation and people need to realize that, said Curtis. 

You know the saying, a trillion here and a trillion there, next thing you know we’re talking about real money. 

That may be true, but for right now, it sounds like we all have fall vacation to plan.