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Opinion: My Wish List for After the Time of Coronavirus
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Opinion: My Wish List for After the Time of Coronavirus

I’m the type of person who needs to look forward to things. It helps my mind. I like to have a trip on the calendar, even if it’s a year away. I like to know the next time I’ll see my brother, even if it’s months and months in the future. That’s why I decided it would help my psyche if I started thinking about the things I can’t wait to do as soon as the time of Coronavirus is over.

I’m going to hug everyone who will let me. That’s number one. So people, brace yourselves.

Second, I’m going to take Laurel back to Barnes and Noble. We have been going to Barnes and Noble every week for as long as I can remember. We go to the cafe, get a little lunch and a latte, sit for an hour or two and write in our journals. She writes me grocery lists and I write what I need to understand. We haven’t been able to go for a couple of weeks, but she keeps asking. “Barnes and Noble today?” “I’m so sorry Laurel. We can’t go yet. The cafe is closed.” “Oh, okay.” Laurel is so understanding. She is without anger or resentment. She doesn’t understand the Coronavirus or the need to stay at home, but she has no resentment of the restrictions it’s putting on her life.

Third, I’m going to go see my best friend. The app Marco Polo is wonderful. I love sending her videos and seeing her face. I love hearing how she’s doing and telling her how I’m doing, but I need to see Anita in person. I need a hug. I need to share french fries and hamburgers from Five Guys. I need to see her daughters.

Fourth, I planned a trip to see my brother, and I just can’t put it off anymore. I’m in Dave’s deficit. And his wife Deirdre deficit. Enough said.

Fifth, I’m going to go to the theater. I miss every kind of entertainment and I miss being among people. I want to see a show at Hale Center Theater. I want to clap and laugh in a group of people. And I want to go to my favorite movie theater, recline my seat, hold hands with my husband, eat popcorn and drink Diet Coke in the presence of the big screen.

Sixth, I want to go to restaurants. My son Cameron turns 27 next week and we can’t take him out to dinner. This has been a family tradition to take the kids out to dinner on their birthdays, and this year we can’t do it. I know it’s a small thing, but as soon as the ban is lifted, I want to take Cameron to Market Street or Flemings or Teppanyaki. I want to splurge with smiles all around the tip big.

There are so many other things, but that’s probably enough for now. Until then, I will go outside with Molly to walk around the block and feel so grateful for our health, for being able to see my family more, for everything that gives us life and strength, for love and each other. Be well, dear reader. Until next time.