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How to save water
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KSL Greenhouse: How to save water when watering your lawn

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Is it too early to start watering our lawns? Yes, but when you start, it is important to make sure that you save water as much as you can.

 Ivory Homes has intentionally installed sprinkling systems that use 30% less water than an average system.

Here are some tips on how to save water:

1. Secondary irrigation is being pressurized soon across the Wasatch Front, but you do not need to start watering until at least the end of April. Don’t start too early.

2. Trees and shrubs do not need water.

3. Check your sprinkler system to fix any leaks, clean the filters, and adjust sprinklers.

4. If it’s not already done, reset the sprinkler clock for cooler weather later this spring.

5. Many areas of the Wasatch, offer free water audits to gauge sprinkling system evening. It’s also a good time to call to schedule, if they are available.


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