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Call before you dig: Stay safe during your home projects

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — A lot of people are using their time away from work to do projects in their yards.  But, Dominion Energy says, not so fast. State law says you need to call 811 before you dig.

Utah state law requires anyone planning to dig anywhere in their yard to notify them three days in before you plant your shovel.

That means no last-minute projects allowed.

You can either call 811 before you dig or visit  Then the state will send a technician to your property to map out all utility lines with blue-stakes for free.

Rocky Mountain Power has also chimed in saying that safety is important because they don’t want anyone accidentally digging into a buried electric or gas line.

Preventing accidents like that from happening they say will keep fewer people out of the hospital right now when doctors and nurses are already stretched thin dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

The service is free, so there’s no added expense to whatever project you have planned.  Once all the utility lines are marked, you’ll need to dig at least 2-feet away from them.