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Inversion season is officially over

(Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)

SALT LAKE CITY — The inversion season on the Wasatch Front is over, says Jared Mendenhall with the Utah Department of Environmental Quality.

It ended when March did, when a representative from Utah’s Department Of Environmental Quality reported great air quality.

At the beginning of the season, “we were a little concerned,” Mendenhall said. “But we locked into a weather pattern that kept everything moving out of the valley. We had those storms that were coming in every couple of days.”

“The only other place where we saw anything from November to March was up in Cache Valley, where there were two days that exceeded the EPA standard,” said Mendenhall.

Even though the skies are clearer, Mendenhall says residents caring about the air will continue to help the air.

He says it’s important for residents to continue to use strategies to keep emissions down and that Utahns must remain vigilant and innovate.