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older adults and coronavirus
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COVID-19 Frontline Workers

Research on gratitude has shown that it can be a powerful method to increase our well-being. It can increase happiness and positive emotions that strengthen connections and lead to a healthier lifestyle.

While most of us are being safe by staying home, frontline workers are working tirelessly to take care of patients, keep the grocery stores stocked, and deliver packages to our mailboxes. Each one is doing their part to make sure we have what we need to keep going. Remember that they have families they care for too. Thank them for their service and sacrifice.

Times of crisis teach us how to lean on others for support and enhance our relationship with our community. So express appreciation, write a thank you text, wave to a neighbor, thank the grocery store clerk, the nurse, the essential service industry workers, and be kind to one another. Stay home to keep them safe, stay home to say thank you.

SelectHealth recognizes the unrelenting sacrifice of frontline workers as another example of how Utah Gives Back.