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DIY Easter ideas you can do with your family
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DIY Easter ideas you can do with your family

Paper cups in the form of funny Easter Bunny with candy. Homemade applique on paper cups. The idea for children gifts. DIY concept for the celebration of Easter

SALT LAKE CITY — For those who are doing their best to not make that trip to the store but still want their little ones to enjoy a visit from the Easter Bunny, here are some DIY Easter ideas with how to make it all happen using things you can find around the house.

No Easter Basket? No Problem

There are a few options for making homemade baskets with items that you can find around the house. Paper might possibly be the most versatile and hopefully the most accessible.

The design in this video by a YouTuber called createwithjenn, is not only quick and simple, but it is also adorable.

If you are out of paper there are still options. If you can find an object that can be modified to hold stuff in it, then all you really need is a handle and some decorations. Another option would be finding something in your home that is already shaped to hold things in it like a terracotta pot you can decorate.

Homemade Easter Eggs

It seems balloons are the key to making easter eggs that can be filled with little treats. One Idea as shown on the YouTube channel Easy Kids Craft shows you how to make ornate easter eggs that you can fill, using glue, water, yarn, and small balloons.

Of course, if that is too much to handle and you still have little water balloons, you could always stuff some candy in the balloons themselves, fill them up with a little air and have little easter balloons.

DIY Easter Ideas Include Dye

If you were planning on dying hard-boiled eggs but don’t have any dye, there are some natural ways to get some colors on those plain white eggshells. You can always just color your eggs with crayon or attempt watercolor paints, but Allrecipes UK has a video that shows how you can dye your eggs with items that may be sitting in your fridge.

Some seem to work better than others but here is a list of which items can help make which colors:

Spinach for a greenish tint

Red cabbage for blue

Tumeric for yellow

Blueberries for a bluish-purple hue

Beetroot for a pinkish-red color

Onion Skins for maroon


With all of these DIY Easter ideas, it seems like we can keep our loved ones safe and have fun this Easter weekend.


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