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Al about Heirloom Tomatoes
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All about heirloom tomatoes | KSL Greenhouse

Close up of colourful tomatoes, some sliced, shot from above
On a recent episode of the KSL Greenhouse Show we talked all about heirloom tomatoes! Being passed down from generation to generation, Heirlooms have suddenly been reemerging among gardeners. We discussed why this may be with J&J Garden Center, during their annual tomato sale!

What are Heirloom Tomatoes?

  • As open-pollinated cultivars, heirlooms are not hybrids.
  • Seeds can be saved and replanted each year
  • Known to be the best tasting, therefore they are highly anticipated.
  • Come in all different colors and shapes and sizes. Ripe fruit can be pink, red, yellow, orange, purple, green, or combinations of colors.
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