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West Jordan murder
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UPDATE: West Jordan police identify a suspect in double-murder

West Jordan police have identified a "person of interest" in a weekend fatal shooting. 31 year old Albert Enoch Johnson knew the couple found dead in their home. Photo credit: West Jordan police dept.

This story has been updated to include a photograph of a suspect provided by West Jordan police on Monday afternoon.

West Jordan police have released a photograph of a “person of interest” in a double homicide on Saturday.

Police say that the person of interest, 31-year-old Albert Enoch Johnson, knew the victims.  They also say they believe he is driving a 2008 dark grey Toyota Corolla.

On Saturday, a neighbor told police they heard gunshots and a scream around 1:15 AM. Police say they found a door to the home kicked in. Tony Butterfield was in the backyard, and Katherine Butterfield was inside the home. Both had been shot.

West Jordan Police Sergeant JC Holt says,  “Mr. Johnson was known to the Butterfields.  This was not a random act.  We do believe it was a targeted act of violence, and an isolated act.”

Police said they haven’t determined a motive, but said there was no criminal or drug history at the home.  Holt also doesn’t believe the Butterfields have had any problems with Johnson before.  However, there is evidence showing one of the Butterfields grabbed a knife during the struggle and Johnson may have been significantly hurt.

“We also believe those injuries are likely on his appendages, so his arms or his legs,” Holt says.

Their three young children all under the age of four were not hurt.  Police would like to interview the children, however, Holt believes it will be difficult to get any useful information out of them because they’re so young.

Holt says, “They children are very young, in age.  The oldest child four.  So, given their ages, it’s very difficult.”

Neighbors said they remember Tony and Katherine Butterfield as the sweetest, kindest people. They had just started a landscaping business and were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Over the weekend, friends and neighbors left flowers, notes and candles. Luminaries lit up the street and blue and white ribbons tied on the trees to remember the Butterfields. Blue was Katherine’s favorite color.

“It was the least we could do. We all love them so much, and it was an unfathomable thing that happened,” Molly McKeon told KSL TV. “It was our only way to really show support.”

Other neighbors like Diana Romero say, “[I remember] her always with a smile on her face.  It was a big smile.  Beautiful.  He was quiet, but a very nice guy.”

West Jordan police posted this statement from the family on its webpage this weekend: