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“Food Bombers” help first responders and local restaurants

Photo courtesy of -Just a Mom

PROVO — Instead of sitting around during the period of  “Stay Home and Stay Safe,” Heidi & The Food Bomber Team decided to get busy helping others.

The Food Bomber Team thought if the “Candy Bomber” could distribute candy to cheer up the citizens of Germany they could do the same to feed first responders.

Candy Bomber – Getty Images

Colonel Gail Halvorsen, the “Candy Bomber” was most known for dropping candy to German children during the Berlin Airlift,

The “Food Bomber” Concept

The team’s mission is to deliver “food bombs” (meals) to emergency room personnel, fire departments & other first responders while supporting local restaurants in the process.

Delivering food to medical personnel at the University of Utah – photo courtesy of Just a Mom

Founder of the campaign, Heidi Smith, said the purpose of the Food Bomber Team is to “enlist local restaurants impacted adversely by COVID-19 to “food bomb” our frontline heroes.”

The Food Bombers uses 100% of donations to feed those on the frontlines with locally sourced food from community restaurants.

Smith said she hopes “restaurants get more business and the frontlines feel our gratitude and support,” throughout the pandemic.

Where the team strikes

The Food Bomber Team has dropped by a handful of small businesses and healthcare facilities throughout northern Utah.

Food Bomber Strikes – Photo Courtesy of Just a Mom

The campaign launched on Easter weekend and has already struck 15 businesses and facilities.

Supporting the Food Bombers

The campaign is based solely on donations.  Smith stated the Food Bombers will continue their efforts until they’ve run out of funds.

Smith ends her message on a positive one–we’re all in this together.

To learn more about the Food Bomber Team, visit their website.