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Uinta Mountains - Mirror Lake
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Have You Been to the Uinta Mountains Range? 5 Outdoor Activities to do this Spring in and Around the Uinta Mountains in Utah

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Bear River LodgeThis article about the best spring activities in the Uinta Mountains is sponsored by The Cabins at Bear River Lodge.

You might be feeling a little isolated right now. But what can you do in isolation? Going to the Uinta Mountains in Utah might be the perfect way to get out while still social distancing. Here are 5 things you can do this spring in and around the Uinta Mountains in Utah.

Go ATV’ing

Uinta Mountains - Uinta Mountains weather

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The Uinta Mountains and the Wasatch-Cache National Forest are home to some of the best ATV areas in the country. Check out the Murdock Basin ATV trails. There is a small recreation fee and there are some amazing places to explore and see. There are also some roads that are open to side-by-sides and other high clearance 4×4 vehicles. The best tip would be to get a forest service motor vehicle use map before you go off the beaten path to avoid confusion in the area. Camping and hiking are also available in this area as well. Be sure to check out TRAX PowerSports Rentals at The Cabins at Bear River Lodge to find some great deals on ATV rentals if you don’t have your own.

Camping in the Uinta Mountains

Uinta Mountains - Mirror Lake

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Camping is one of the best ways to really experience the Uinta Mountains and the Wasatch-Cache National Forest. A great place to start if you’ve never been to the Uinta Mountains to camp is the Mirror Lake Campground. It also just so happens to be right off the Mirror Lake Highway which cuts right through the Uinta Mountains. So, no hiking is needed to get there. The campground itself can range from $23 to $70 a day, but that puts you right next to the picturesque Mirror Lake itself, which sits at an awesome 10,400 feet. There are several single and double campsites (some are accessible) and each includes picnic and utility tables, campfire rings with grills, and tent pads. Most of the sites also have a view of the lake.


Uinta Mountain Hiking

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Looking for one of the best hikes in the mountains? Look no further than the trail to Amethyst Meadows. This 6 mile each way hike is stunning. The first part of it is mostly all level but then you’ll find yourself making a total ascent of 1,900 feet. But the view of the meadow, the spotted lakes, and Ostler Peak make this trip so worth time and effort. This is also one of the best fishing spots in the Uintas.

Of course one of the biggest hiking spots in the Uintas is also one of the hardest, not only to get to, but to actually hike too. That’s King’s Peak. Sitting at 13,534 feet, it’s the tallest peak in Utah. This is not a hike for the faint of heart, but summiting the tallest peak in Utah has the reward of some of the best views in the state.


Uinta Mountains - Fishing

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While Amethyst Meadows is an amazing place to fish in the high Uintas, you’ll pretty much want to pack a fishing pole anywhere you go in the area. There are more streams and lakes in the Uintas per capita than anywhere else in Utah. So anywhere you go, you’ll probably be able to cast a line. The three tributaries of the Great Salt Lake have roots in the Uintas. The Bear, and the Weber both flow directly from the Uinta Mountains. And the Jordan River flows out of Utah Lake, which happens to be fed by the Provo River, which also has its roots in the Uinta Mountains.

Shared Cabin Ownership at The Cabins at Bear River Lodge in the Uinta Mountains

Once you’ve spent a couple of days roughing it out in the wilderness, check out what shared cabin ownership can offer at The Cabins at Bear River Lodge. They offer one, two, and five-bedroom cabins, and they even have cabins for sale too. This spot is beautiful and is wonderfully secluded. They also offer some great package discounts with TRAX PowerSports Rentals as well. And it’s really close to the trailheads of both Amethyst Meadows and the Murdoch Basin ATV trails. You’ll definitely want to check this place out!

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