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West Jordan double homicide ‘person of interest’ in custody

(Albert Enoch Johnson mug shot. Courtesy West Jordan Police Department)

WEST JORDAN, Utah — The West Jordan Police Department reports that Albert Johnson, the person of interest in a double homicide has been taken into custody.

Johnson was tracked down by the US Marshal’s Office to Stockton, CA, where he was arrested around 3 a.m. Mountain Time. (A tweet from West Jordan Police said he was found in Sacramento, but that was later clarified.)

As you can tell from his booking photo, Johnson received significant injuries from the confrontation.  His right eye is essentially swollen shut and he has other cuts and bruises on his face.

“We believe those are related to the arrest actions,” according to West Jordan Police Sergeant JC Holt.  “Mr. Johnson did try to evade officers.  Mr. Johnson did try to escape officers and he did resist arrest.  We regret he made that decision.”

West Jordan PD named Johnson the person of interest in the murder of Tony and Katherine Butterfield who were found dead in their West Jordan home.  Investigators believe Johnson shot the couple after breaking into the rear of their home early Saturday morning.

The department said that Johnson was known to the Butterfields and that this was a targeted act of violence, however, Holt says they’re not going to explain how Johnson knew his victims, for now.

He says,“There are some other factors to the case that could play in and we need to keep that information close to us.”

Officers informed members of the Butterfield family about Johnson’s arrest very early Wednesday morning.  Holt says the family was relieved to hear about it.

“It does bring them some peace and resolve, but that being said, it’s a long road ahead.  Honestly, it’s still just as horrific, now, and the shock has still not worn off, I’m sure,” Holt says.

Johnson is due in court in Stockton, CA, Friday afternoon.  Holt says their officers will then be working to bring Johnson back to Utah, and their department has already recommended two counts of aggravated murder to Salt Lake County DA Sim Gill.

Johnson’s wife Sina was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail on Monday night on felony charges of obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence.