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Organization releases guidelines for Utah businesses to safely open

SALT LAKE CITY — The goal is for businesses to open safely. The Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce has released a report for Utah businesses to use come time to open safely.

The “Safe to Work” guidelines go hand in hand with Utah Governor Gary Herbert’s “Utah Leads Together 2.0” plan, which the Governor released on April 17.

The goal for the Utah Valley Chamber, they say, is to get businesses open and running safely.

“This should be focused on … as we start to reopen our economy, we want to make sure we do so safely,” said Nic Dunn, Public Policy Director for the Utah Valley Chamber.

“Protecting employees, protecting customers, in accordance with good public health data.”

These guidelines outline best practices for general businesses, including offices and production/manufacturing facilities. Those include taking the temperature of workers, wearing masks, staggering break times, and regular breaks to sanitize work areas.

There are many guidelines for restaurants.  They include servers wearing masks and gloves.  Any object (like a cup or lid) that the public may have previously been able to access should now be behind a counter. In a post-COVID-19 world, everything is covered in plastic, nothing can be touched with a bare hand.

The Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce also strongly recommends that customers wear gloves while dining in.

The guidelines discourage large dining parties that don’t include family members.

Dunn says these guidelines are necessary for the short term if businesses want to re-open as soon as possible.

“We need to do this for now, as the coronavirus is still a threat and still being worked on on the public side,” he said. “On the business side, these are some things we can do to get our economy moving again in a safe way.”

The guidelines need to be met for businesses to open again.