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Tabernacle Choir logo
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Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square gets new logo

Courtesy Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square

SALT LAKE CITY — The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square may not be able to sing together right now,  but they do have long term plans for the future…including a new logo.

The new logo has seven gold-colored organ pipes in a pattern that looks like a music movement. A curve in the pipes symbolizes the Tabernacle roof and the rest over a line that represents a firm foundation.

Tabernacle Choir logo

Courtesy Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square


“We love how this new look visually represents the work of the choir and orchestra to bring people closer to the divine through music,” said choir president Ron Jarrett.

Choir leaders say the new logo is more relevant. And it gives them a more visual identity online and on social media. That’s where more people are finding the music.

The choir has not been able to perform or rehearse for 6 weeks during the pandemic restrictions. They are still waiting to find out if a summer tour to Scandinavian countries and Scotland can happen.

The first choir product to use the new logo will be the newest CD. That will be released in May, with more information coming.

The choir is 173 years old.