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Some in southwest Utah want to loosen COVID-19 restrictions
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Some in southwest Utah want to loosen COVID-19 restrictions

Photo Courtesy St. George City

ST. GEORGE, Utah – Southwest Utah has seen very few cases of COVID-19. That’s one of the reasons cities and counties, along with the Southwest Utah Public Health Department, support loosening some of the COVID-19 restrictions on people and businesses there. 

They are asking Governor Gary Herbert to let the area go from an “Orange”, or moderate-risk, to “Yellow”, or low-risk, designation. 

That would mean people could be in groups of 50. All businesses would be allowed to reopen, while schools could also, in theory, hold classes again. 

Loosening COVID-19 restrictions would not mean doing away with them altogether. For example, businesses would still have to practice social distancing. People would also have to wear masks to certain places. 

Southwest Utah Public Health Department spokesman David Heaton said in a statement that they want the area to go from “Orange” to “Yellow”. 

“Our health department is supportive of transitioning to yellow status soon based on a relatively low number of cases with ample hospital resources and testing access. Our community is able to support a working economy with precautions while protecting those most at risk,” Heaton said. 

Counties like Washington, Iron, Kane, and Garfield, as well as many cities in the area have also been anxious to get their economies going again. 

Governor Herbert will probably make a decision on whether to loosen the restrictions within the next two weeks. 


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