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America's Freedom Festival cancelled in Provo, Park City has canceled Fourth of July festivities due to COVID-19
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America’s Freedom Festival activities in Provo postponed

Spectacular Firework display , RVA fireworks on the James River, 4th July Independence Day - Richmond, VA, USA (Photo credit: Getty Images)

PROVO — All of the activities associated with America’s Freedom Festival in Provo have been postponed until 2021.

But organizers say that they will offer a fireworks program on July 4th. In a statement, Jim Evans, the Executive Director of America’s Freedom Festival, said the program had to be especially careful this year.

“The safety and health of our guests is always the first priority at any Freedom Festival event, period,” Evans said. “Even in a typical year that’s the prevailing theme.

“But with so many of our loved ones at risk from this illness, including so many wonderful military veterans, we have to be especially careful this year.”

Among the events postponed for 2020 are the Stadium of Fire, the Grand Parade, the Balloon Fest, Freedom Days, and “all other Freedom Festival events previously scheduled to occur this summer.”

In the statement Evans said that a “spectacular fireworks show” will occur on July 4th, 2020, “which will be free to the public and visible to those wishing to social distance.”

He said the fireworks program is still in the planning stages and that details are forthcoming. 

“While these have been extremely difficult times for our nation,” said Steve Shallenberger, Freedome Festival Board Chairman, “we have also witnessed the very best of America as people unite to take care of each other.”

“Our fireworks show this year will be a magnificent tribute to the compassion and resiliency of America.”

More information about the fireworks program will be available at the webpage for America’s Freedom Festival.