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Downed power lines and fire force evacuations in SLC

A structure fire and downed power lines caused a number of evacuations near 1300 S and State Street on Monday.

SALT LAKE CITY — A structure fire and downed powerlines forced the evacuations of some residents in Salt Lake City Friday morning near Smith’s Ballpark.

Salt Lake City Fire says crews on the scene near 1366 Major Street were also dealing with downed power lines in the area.




Firefighters were called out to the area near 13th South and State Street shortly after 5:30 AM. Initial reports are of three mobile home units that caught fire.

Captain Anthony Burton says two of the mobile homes have extensive damage, while a third unit is totally destroyed. There are no estimates of damage for the first two.

Crews continue to focus on the destroyed home after receiving initial reports of a person trapped inside.

“That trailer has extensive damage,” explains Captain Burton. “We haven’t been able to completely search that mobile home at this point to confirm that we don’t have a victim.”

Officials also aren’t putting a number to how many people are being evacuated. Due to the downed power lines, power is being shut off to the entire mobile home community.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated.