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saddle fire burning in Midway Utah
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Saddle Fire burning near Midway, homes evacuated

A five acre fire continues to burn in Midway, Utah. This is the fourth fire to flare up in the same area in the past several days.

MIDWAY —  Fire departments are responding to a brush fire north of Midway, Utah – one they’re calling the Saddle Fire.

This is the fourth fire in the area in just one week, according to Wasatch County Fire.

The fire is transitioning to a Type 3 IMT.

Several homes have been evacuated so far in response to the fire. Resources from Wasatch County Fire, Wasatch County Public Works, Utah Division of Forestry Fire and State Lands, Heber City Police and the County Sheriff’s Department are working on the Saddle Fire. 

Saddle Fire in Utah

Fire officials say the cause of the fire is under investigation. The public is asked to stay away from the fire area so first responders can operate safely.

Currently, officials are asking the public to refrain from using their drones near the fire. Flying near a wildfire is breaking the law, it states: 

Per the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, 43 CFR 9212.1(f), it is illegal to resist or interfere with the efforts of firefighter(s) to extinguish a fire. Doing so can result in a significant fine and/or a mandatory court appearance.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.