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Bear Lake Utah
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Bear Lake Utah is the Perfect Place to Visit This Spring and Summer if You are Looking for Something to Get You Out of the House

Photo: Bear Lake Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau

Bear Lake Valley Convention and Visitors BureauThis article about Bear Lake Utah is sponsored by the Bear Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau

The “Caribbean of the Rockies” is one of the most serene places in the state of Utah. If you have ever been to Bear Lake in northern Utah, you know just how pristine and turquoise the water is. And in many places on the lake, the water is very clear. Here are three things you’re going to want to check out at Bear Lake:

1. The Bridgerland Adventure Park

Bear Lake weather

Photo: Bear Lake Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau

The recently opened Bridgerland Adventure Park is home to so many things for you and the family to do together. The list of what you can do is HUGE! You can ride the giant swing, then do some axe throwing. Then you can climb the climbing wall, play disc golf, play miniature golf, play on the playground, challenge yourself on the aerial challenge course, ride the zip line, bounce on the bungee trampoline, and go tubing down the giant slide. And finally, you can enjoy some great food.

2. Bear Lake Wildlife Bird Refuge

Owls - Bird Refuge - Bear Lake

Photo: Bear Lake Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau

Then to the north of the lake, is an amazing place that can help you get back to nature, the Bear Lake Wildlife and Bird Refuge. At the refuge, you’ll find beautiful Sandhill Cranes, Herons, Snowy Egrets, White Pelicans, and a variety of duck and geese species. It’s even home to one of the largest Canada Goose populations in the United States. 

3. Bear Lake Utah and Everything Else!

Bear Lake Utah Camping

Photo: Eric Openshaw

Yes, right now is time for you to get away, have fun again, and take some time to relax. Bear Lake’s turquoise water is just the thing you need! Right now is a perfect time to visit. Your safety is important and COVID-19 precautions are being observed with masks, gloves, hand washing, and sanitization. So you can feel safe. The local businesses just ask that you are being respectful of those around you. But once you get out on the water on the floating device you choose (rented or not), you’ll definitely be able to spread out. Plus there are some great package deals happening right now too. Come and see what’s new at Bear Lake!

Bonus! Bear Lake Raspberry Days

Bear Lake Raspberry Days

Photo: Getty Images

Bear Lake Raspberry Days is still set to happen on August 6th-8th. It has not been postponed or canceled. The event info is HERE!

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