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Police identify man killed in deadly Kaysville rollover crash
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Police identify man killed in deadly Kaysville rollover crash

(Kaysville Fire Department)

KAYSVILLE – Investigators are still trying to find out the reason behind a deadly Kaysville rollover crash that happened in a neighborhood, killing one person and hurting four others.  People who live along that road say it has been a problem for a long time. 

Investigators are identifying the deceased as 27-year old Hayden Hansen.  The car reportedly rolled while moving along Crestwood Road near 700 East and slammed into a fence.  For now, police don’t have any initial signs of impairment or speeding, but they say the investigation isn’t over, yet.

Kaysville Police Spokesperson Lexi Benson says, “It was just a single-car accident.  We’re still investigating how that accident occurred.”

(Credit: Jada Rose Chilton)

People living along that stretch of road say it’s deceptively tricky. 

“It’s kind of a blind curve.  You come around and if you’re not familiar with it, it can really catch you off-guard,” according to Kaysville resident Rustin Jessen.  He says the crash happened in his yard.

Jessen says his neighbors have spoken with the city to make some sort of safety improvements on Crestwood, whether that includes reshaping the road or adding speed bumps. 

“It’s easy to lose your bearings and get going a little too fast.  I think that happens pretty regularly,” he says.  “When it’s snowy in the winter, every single year we have people slide off at about the point where this accident started.”

By Monday afternoon, Jessen says the neighborhood was still shaken up by what they saw.  He remembers watching as his neighbors jumped into action after it happened.

Jessen says, “Obviously, all of our neighbors around us heard it happen and what I saw was a lot of neighbors coming together as quickly as possible to help everywhere they could.”

Kaysville Police and the Utah Highway Patrol are investigating the cause of the crash.