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Davis Co. Health Dept. worried about planned Kaysville country concert

Photos Getty / Kaysville City

KAYSVILLE, Utah – Most of Utah is in a “yellow” COVID-19 risk level. That means events like the large country concert planned in Kaysville can be allowed so long as organizers ensure everyone keeps socially distant and there are enough handwashing stations.

That is why a country concert planned to be held at a Kaysville public park has the Davis County Health Department worried. 

Davis County Health Department Director Brian Hatch says “it’s not a no” on his end, at least not a firm one, but he would like the organizers to show they can keep people safe. 

“That’s what the conversations need to be around…The event organizer takes on that responsibility to ensure that their event can be safe and healthy,” Hatch says. 

The department had already told Kaysville Mayor Katie Witt, a Congressional candidate and big supporter of the concert, that it could not be held while Utah was in the “orange” risk phase. 

But Mayor Witt has also said she believes people have the Constitutional right to assemble. 

The group Utah Business Revival, who is organizing the concert, also views it as a protest to convince Utah leaders to fully reopen the economy.

Regardless of politics, Director Hatch is worried about public health and not rolling back the strides Davis County has made fighting COVID-19. 

“I’m disappointed in the fact this appears to be moving forward, and it’s not in the best interest of our community. At this time, we’re still in the yellow phase,” Hatch says. 

Hatch says the health department does not have any policing powers to stop the concert. It is also unclear what would happen if someone violated the state’s public health directives. 

The Kaysville City Council is expected to vote to oppose the concert at their next meeting Thursday night.

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