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University of Utah expects students back in fall

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SALT LAKE CITY — The University of Utah expects students to return for in-person classes this fall. But students and faculty can expect there to be some changes.

Christopher Nelson, a spokesperson for the University, says the school is working through a number of possibilities, “designed to deliver on-campus, in-person experiences that make the college years memorable for a lifetime.”

The U is looking to offer more, smaller classes throughout the day to ensure social distancing guidelines. Another option would be hybrid instruction, where parts of the class will be in person in the classroom, and some online. 

The university also plans to offer lab, studio, interactive and creative experiences for small groups.

Nelson says that for those students who live or eat on campus, they could also see changes to dining areas either in terms of seating, or where dining could be limited to carry-out only.

The university’s Housing and Residential Education website, says the school also plans provide an on-campus living experience that “supports students’ needs and abides by public health guidelines.”

As things move forward, Nelson says that the university plan will remain fluid as more information becomes available. 

“The most important thing is getting this right. We have to get it right,” he said.

In addition to the University of Utah, Utah State University has also made the announcement that they will be returning, in limited fashion, to in-person classes this fall.

Utah State University President Noelle Cockett said in a recent meeting that she has been getting asked whether students will be returning to Logan in the fall; she says the answer is yes.

“We will, we absolutely will. It will not be full and it will not necessarily be a class that is all in person,” Crocket said.

Strategies and guidelines for the rest of Utah’s public colleges and universities are expected to be announced by the Utah System of Higher Education as early as this week. 

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