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As malls reopen, what’s different?

Interior of a high-quality clothing shop for men with many suits and neckties on display

SALT LAKE CITY – It’s been a long two months since people have been able to hit the mall and do some retail therapy. Despite the long Memorial Day weekend where crowds usually can’t wait to get outside, there’s a whole group of people that can’t wait to get inside for some shopping as malls across the state reopen. 

“It’s just been forever,” said shopper Cianni Islas told KSL-TV. “I’ve been dying to go to the mall since February.”

And what have they been dying to get to the mall for?

“Oh, I just can’t wait to look at shoes, and I really need new shirts and pants,” Islas said.

What to expect 

As malls and shops begin to reopen across the state, don’t expect to be able to just walk right into any store you want to shop in. 

“What? They have a line now and that is crazy,” said another shopper as she eyed the line of people outside a store.

For example LuLu Lemon in Fashion Place Mall had a wait of about an hour in order to try and practice social distancing. 

Another change, don’t expect that you can try on clothes. While some stores allow you to see how some new clothes will fit, others do not.

Some stores even have a ‘quarantine closet’ where items that were tried on but not bought will be placed for a couple of days before being returned to the inventory. 

Customer reaction to the changes

“It is really hard though, you know, to stay away from people in the stores,” shopper Michelle Wilcox said. “I’ve really noticed that.”

Wilcox went on to say, “I guess it’s good although everybody’s got their hands on the clothes anyway, so I’m not sure how much good the quarantining does.” 

The changes probably have a lot more customers than Wilcox thinking, “It’s kind of weird… Yeah, it’s definitely kind of a shock and not something I’m used to yet.”

Something else to be aware of before you head to the mall, not all stores are open yet, so be sure to call ahead to make sure the store you want to visit is open. 

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