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Utahns worried coronavirus restrictions being lifted too quickly, new poll

FILE PHOTO - A new Deseret News/Hinckley Institute of Politics survey is shedding some light on how Utahns feel about wearing a mask in public, which includes an interesting partisan split.

SALT LAKE CITY – A new poll shows most Utahns are worried coronavirus restrictions are being eased too quickly.

The poll from Utah Policy and KUTV says that of those who responded, 59% of Utahns say they are concerned about restrictions being lifted too soon, while 42% feel restrictions are not being lifted quickly enough. And, those responses fall mostly along party lines.

Over three-quarters (76%) of those who identify as strong Republicans are in the hurry-up column, while near all (97%) of strong Democrats feel it needs to slow down.

When it comes to men and women, guys are about even (52% say restrictions aren’t being eased fast enough, 42% say they’re being lifted too quickly). Most women, about 67%, say they’re worried it’s happening too fast, while 33% are concerned it’s not happening quickly enough.

The poll also asks how Utahns feel about local and national leaders and the information each provides about the coronavirus outbreak. Half of the respondents say they mostly trust county officials and health departments. More than 40% say they mostly trust Gov. Gary Herbert, while only 21% say they mostly trust President Donald Trump.