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Heber Valley Utah
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Heber Valley Utah is a Great Weekend Trip: 3 Fun Family Friendly Activities to do with Your Family Next Weekend

Photo: Heber Valley

This article about the beautiful Heber Valley Utah is sponsored by Heber Valley Office of Tourism.

A weekend getaway is closer than you might think in Heber Valley, Utah. The incredible hotels, delicious restaurants, and fun activities are going to be something you and your family are going to want to return to year after year. Here are 3 Heber Valley activities to dip your toes into:

Heber Valley Railroad

The Heber Valley Railroad is probably the most well-known attraction in the Heber Valley. Formerly known as the “Heber Creeper” the trains runs between Heber City and Vivian Park in Provo Canyon. The charm of the Heber Valley Railroad is really why you’ll want to check it out and take a ride. They are booking right now and are practicing social distancing and mask-wearing. But it’s definitely worth the ride and the Scenery

Heber Valley Artisan Cheese

Heber valley cheese

Photo: Heber Valley Artisan Cheese

Heber Valley Artisan Cheese is a can’t miss if you are in the area. You may have seen some of their cheese around Utah. but this is a place to get it at the source. At the creamery, you can buy some of the cheese, have a freshly made grilled cheese, and they offer tours with tastings, cheese making classes, and even seasonal events. Plus, you can see the cows that are treated like royalty just to get some of the best Holstein milk for the cheese. 

The Crater

Despite the name, it’s not actually an open crater. The Crater at the Homestead Resort in Midway, Utah is actually a geothermal spring, hidden within a 55-foot tall, beehive-shaped limestone rock. With a large vent at the top, it will make you feel like you are swimmi in a warm relaxing volcano. You can swim in The Crater but for the more adventurous, you can go scuba diving in The Crater. The max scuba diving depth is 4o feet due to its high elevation. Make sure you book a reservation in advance as they tend to fill up fast!