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4 Awesome Benefits to Getting An Online MBA Degree if You are Looking to Move Your Career Forward

Photo: University of Utah

This article about pursuing an online MBA program is presented by the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business.

The world going digital means the same for education. With online programs, students can enroll in courses specifically designed for the digital domain with great ways to connect. And content is accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world. The University of Utah MBA is pushing the limits of what an online curriculum can look like. Here are 4 benefits of an MBA Online degree.

1. Complete Your MBA Online Degree Any Time and Anywhere

Photo: University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business

Online programs create flexibility that can help you complete classes online at any time and from anywhere. And that’s because an MBA experience should be on your terms. For MBA Online alumna Bethany O’Neil, online courses allowed her to balance her career with coursework, all without coming to campus. “I like being able to do my coursework from home,” O’Neil said. “I have a demanding job, so the flexibility in my schedule was nice,” She says, “I would wake up in the mornings, do some studying before I went to work, and do a little bit when I got home.”

2. Apply What You Learn Right Now

MBA Online

Photo: University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business

Completing your degree online gives you the power to complete your degree while you work. MBA Online students can apply what they learn in the classroom to their work the next day. On average, students report a 34% salary increase by graduation. And 56% were promoted while in the program. Roger Mulholland, an alumnus of the MBA Online program, was looking to gain skills to give him an edge in a different job market. “I wanted to make a career change from the Army to a civilian career,” said Mulholland. “I had a lot of leadership experience and not a lot of business experience.” He now works for the military as an operations officer at the Joint Language Training Center. He says this position is all because of his MBA Online degree.

3. Classes Are Flexible with Online and On-Campus Options

Photo: University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business

Universities have programs designed to be flexible, like hybrid part-time MBA programs. They allow students to take a mix of both on-campus and online classes. Matthew Tuttle, a PMBA student and electronics technician with the Utah Air National Guard, says the flexibility was great. “I was deployed for a good part of my MBA program,” he says. “I took some online classes, and then, when I was back in the States, I took on-campus classes.” The David Eccles School of Business offers four MBA degree options tailored to fit work and life commitments, as well as our Flex MBA option, which allows students to take a mix of on-campus and online courses.

4. Learn from Experts and World-Class faculty

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MBA Online students learn from the same teachers that they would learn from on-campus. These classes are designed from the ground up with the intent of students taking them online. The classes contain so much more content just than digitized photocopies. “Having taken some online classes before, I expected a camera set up in a classroom, and that isn’t at all the case,” said MBA Online alumna Rene Daniels. “The University of Utah has taken the time to do it right. Every single quality professor at the Eccles School is involved in the program and is there for you and your educational enrichment. You’re getting the full educational experience in an online setting.”

You can see for yourself what a University of Utah MBA Online course looks like by clicking HERE