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SLC Mayor: City is looking into protest aftermath after 46 arrests made

Protesters gather in the streets during a large protest Saturday against the death of George Floyd, who died after a police officer knelt on his neck. The Salt Lake City Police Department has reported 46 arrests from the protest so far. (Photo: Carter Williams, KSL)

SALT LAKE CITY —  The Salt Lake City Police Department confirmed they had made 46 arrests after the protest dispersed — some of those arrests were on account of alleged assaults on police officers. Chief Brown said there were 21 officers who have been medically treated after the protest — one of which being hit in the back of the head with a baseball bat.

He said the department is working on getting further details regarding official numbers on protest arrests and injuries. 

“I have a suspicion that we have some people that have come here to instigate this kind of violence and we will not stand for that,” Brown said during a press conference held with the mayor Sunday. 

Protest aftermath

Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall said she has asked for a thorough after-action review of the SLCPD’s response to protesters, ensuring there was no inappropriate action taken.

“If you were downtown yesterday and you believe that there were any incidents of inappropriate use of force, I ask that you file a complaint,” Mendenhall said. “The reports can be anonymous, there’s no wrong way to make a complaint.”

During a fleeting moment in the protest, a man was attacked by a group of protesters after aiming a bow and arrow into the crowd. The crowd later flipped his car and set it on fire. 

The man was taken by police for medical attention, with several versions of the story coming forward from both protesters and the man himself. 

Mendenhall is asking anyone who interacted with him or witnessed his actions to contact the SLCPD to help build the case. 

Residents ask to help clean the city

Salt Lake City Mayor Mendenhall said she was grateful for the residents who expressed the desire to help clean up the city after the protest. She also thanked those who helped clean overnight.

However, with the city under an enforced curfew until 6 a.m. Monday, Mendenhall is asking for residents to stay home for the time being. More details on cleaning efforts will be released once the status of the city can be confirmed to be safe. 

“We hope to have some organized opportunities later today,” Mendenhall said Sunday. “We’ll let you know when those become available.”


Mendenhall called on Utahns to come together, practicing kindness. 

“We will recover by coming together,” Mendenhall said. “Coming together to rebuild policies and to address, unearth, unpack the systemic racism in this city and in every city across this nation.”

Police Chief Mike Brown thanked Mendenhall during the Sunday press conference for her leadership. He also thanked the community of Salt Lake City for obeying curfew after it was enforced Saturday night.

When asked how long the curfew can expect to last, Mendenhall said “lifting a curfew too soon can have some pretty dramatic repercussions.” 

She also said the curfew is something the local government and the police department are still in conversation about.