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Police chief addresses video of officer pushing elderly man to ground amid protest

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Salt Lake City Police Department Chief Mike Brown addressed concerns surrounding video footage of a police officer pushing an elderly man with a cane to the ground amid protests downtown Saturday. Brown said the department has identified the officer and will be launching an investigation. 

Chief Brown said the department will follow its procedure of hiring a review board to make recommendations to the chief on what to do with the officer. 

“It was inappropriate,” Brown said in an video statement. “This is not what I would expect from the Salt Lake City Police Department. My expectation is if people are exercising their First Amendment rights, we give them the space to do so peacefully.”

Brown said he has personally apologized to the man in the video for the situation. 

However, Brown said he is overall thankful for the professionalism shown from the rest of the police department throughout the hourslong protest. 

“[They] handled the situation with courage and restraint,” he said. “I reiterate our commitment to stamping out systemic racism.”

Watch the full statement here: