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Falling revenue has Salt Lake County tightening its belt

(PC: Getty Imagess)

SALT LAKE CITY– Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson says when the virus hit, the county rapidly cut spending and froze hiring.  Wilson notes money was saved and freed for a major health response. 

However, crashing tax revenues in the range of $70 million to $96 million have the county scrambling to trim the fat in a new budget. In order to still provide core services, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor Darrin Casper released a statement outlining delayed capital projects, discretionary spending, and any more county hiring. 

They’re also proposing budget reductions for county departments and elected officials from 3 to 10 percent.  The total proposed cuts trim $77 million from Salt Lake County’s bottom line.  Wilson says if they can accomplish this, they won’t have to lay anyone off.