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Jon Huntsman Covid-19 test
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Jon Huntsman COVID-19 test had errors, Huntsman retakes test

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SALT LAKE CITY – Former Utah governor and current gubernatorial candidate Jon Huntsman is retaking a COVID-19 test after the sample container with his test was opened and had to be thrown away by the state. The Huntsman family is also using their experiences to shine a light on what they say are problems with Utah’s testing system. 

Jon Huntsman had tweeted on Monday that his COVID-19 test was negative.

But the next day, a Salt Lake County Health Department representative called and said they have given him the wrong results and that they were still waiting for the test results to come back. 

Huntsman had been given the results of a test he took a month ago, which also came back negative. 

Daughter and senior campaign advisor Abby Huntsman says the family took COVID-19 tests on Friday after learning a campaign staffer tested positive. 

She says it’s frustrating not knowing the results.

“We’re all under one roof right now. And my sister has Type 1 diabetes, so she is at high risk. That makes it all the more frustrating when you don’t get test results back in a timely manner,” Abby Huntsman said. 

Abby Huntsman says she’s waited hours on the phone before with still no news about where her test results are. 

She believes others are going through the same thing.  

“I’m sure we’re not the only ones. I hope that people that are also out there that are not feeling well and waiting for results, there’s a way to do it a little bit more efficiently,” Abby Huntsman said.

Other members of the Huntsman family, including his wife Mary Kay and daughter Liddy, have also expressed their concerns on social media about the delays in getting test results. 


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