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Things To Do In Moab
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With These 4 Things to Do In Moab Utah, Are You Ready for Your Next Family Adventure?

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This article about things to do in Moab, Utah is sponsored by Red Cliffs Lodge.

If you are looking for adventure, Moab Utah is THE place you have to check out this year. Even if you’ve been to Moab before, there is still so much that you probably haven’t explored or seen. Here are 3 things to do in Moab.

1. Arches National Park

Arches National Park - Things to do in Moab Utah

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Start by visiting Arches National Park home to more than 200 natural sandstone arches including the Utah icon, Delicate Arch. The entrance to the park is just to the north of Moab, and there are plenty of hiking trails for you to explore.

2. Dead Horse Point State Park

Moab utah - Things to do in Moab Utah

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Next, you’ll want to take a drive to see Dead Horse Point State Park. This park is all about the views! Dead Horse Point is a perfect vantage point over the Colorado River, And it’s right at the edge of Canyonlands National Park. The views are fantastic!

3. Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands - Things to do in Moab Utah

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And now that you have seen Canyonlands in the distance, you should go to Canyonlands. But make sure to PLAN for a trip to Canyonlands. The park is the largest National Park in the state. Driving to each of its three districts could take two to six hours. Plus it’s very remote. Take everything you’ll need.

BUT it’s one of the most surreal places you will ever visit. Everything from the towering cliffs to the intersection of the Colorado River and the Green River will keep you busy for days with hiking and exploring.

4. Stay and Play at Red Cliffs Lodge

For all your Moab excursions, you’ll definitely need a home base. At Red Cliffs Lodge you can have a room overlooking the Colorado River. The rooms are incredible! But Red Cliffs Lodge also offers all sorts of adventures. You can go horseback riding, check out the Moab Museum of Film and Western Heritage, play some tennis, or take a dip in the pool. Red Cliffs has received a AAA rating in excellence for not only housekeeping but it was in the top 2% of all lodging. You can check out their website for their latest deals.

What Things to Do In Moab Will You Start With?

Kayak at Red Cliffs Lodge - Things to do in Moab Utah

POV rafting with kayak in Colorado river, Moab

There is plenty more to do in Moab with anything from rafting to going 4x4ing! Just choose your adventure wisely!

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