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Stress App Utah
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Utah has a free stress management app

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

SALT LAKE CITY— Stress.  Eric Tadehara, Assistant Director at the Utah Department Of Substance Abuse And Mental Health, says there is a lot of it.  

“There are various issues happening in our culture right now and I think life is extremely stressful.”  His office has just released a free app to help Utah citizens with the stress of COVID-19. 

It’s called the myStrength app.  It’s a free download, and Tadehara says once you start it, it gets to know you.  “It basically walks you through a tutorial with some basic questions about how YOU’RE doing.”  He says the program’s knowledge is broad.  

“If you’re depressed, anxious, having issues with parenting, specific COVID-19 issues, crisis management… it can point you to resources to help.”  He says it may be as simple as recommending a new exercise program or finding some indoor activities with the kids. 

If your stress is more serious, myStrength can work in conjunction with a therapist you’re already seeing or find emergency services.  

There are a couple of ways to get myStrength.  Go to the Department’s website here.  Or you can download myStrength from Google Play or Apple’s App Store using the code UtahDHS.