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Alpine City offers reward for information leading to the arrest of toilet vandals
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Alpine City offers reward for information leading to arrest of toilet vandals

(Photo: Alpine City)

ALPINE — Call it the case of the toilet vandals. 

Someone has caused a lot of damage to park restroom toilets in Alpine over the last six weeks. Alpine City has offered a $2,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of whoever these toilet vandals may be.

Toilet vandals at work over two months

According to the city of Alpine, someone blew up a toilet at Creekside Park’s south restroom on May 9. Someone again vandalized a toilet on May 18 at the Burgess Park restroom. Today, city workers discovered more toilets blown up at the rodeo grounds splash pad restroom. 

(Photo: Alpine City)

In all, the city reported four cases involving blown-up or damaged toilets in the last two months, all at a considerable cost to Alpine City taxpayers.

The city also reports that the dumpster at Burgess Park had been lit on fire twice last month. 

Repercussions for all

According to Alpine City, the toilet vandals have caused damage to these facilities that require costly repairs.

They plan on prosecuting the individual or individuals responsible to the fullest extent of the law.

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