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Update: Hikers and campers evacuated near the vicinity of the Wire Pass Fire
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Update: Wire Pass Fire grows to over 1,500 acres, hikers evacuated

Photo credit: Utah Fire Info

Updated at 6:31 p.m.: 

KANE COUNTY — The Utah Bureau of Land Management reports the Wire Pass Fire has surpassed over 1,500 acres in size as of 5:44 p.m. Saturday. However, David Hercher with the BLM said crews “seem to have a pretty good handle on it.” 

Despite the update in acreage — with the BLM predicting it would grow to around 1,000 acres around 10 a.m. — Hercher said it’s hard to estimate fire acreage from the ground. 

According to officials, the fire started on the west side of House Rock Valley Road but has spread to the east side over the course of the day. 

Ground crews have been working to contain the fire from reaching the wilderness, as they expect up to 50-mph winds Sunday. Crews say the structures that are at highest risk include trails, trailheads and power lines — which they are prioritizing to protect. 

Lt. Alan Alldredge with the Kane County Sheriff’s Office said crews evacuated all hikers and campers they could manage — however, Allredge said there may be a few stragglers in the canyons. If that’s the case, Alldredge said they will be safe there. 

Original story:  

Initial Attack Fire resources are responding a wildfire that has forced the evacuation of hikers and campers near the Wire Pass Trailhead

Utah Fire Info reports that hikers and campers have been evacuated in the vicinity of the Wire Pass trail, Buckskin Trail, The Wave, and Stateline Campground due to a fire that is estimated to be 1,535 acres in size as of 5:44 p.m.


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