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Latino Behavioral Health Services

The Latino community makes up over 14% of our population equaling over 400,000 people in Utah. Studies show that the Latino community experiences some of the highest health disparities in our state.

Poverty and lack of access to healthcare are both risk factors that contribute to high rates of mental and emotional conditions and substance misuse.

Latino Behavioral Health Services wants to change these statistics and the lives of the people they represent. By raising awareness about mental illness and substance abuse disorders, they empower Latinos to give back and help the mental health system to be more culturally and linguistically responsive. Participation, leadership, and voices of Latinos in recovery are essential to address many of these issues.

Latino Behavioral Health Services offers therapy, peer mentorship, education, and suicide prevention training. Through this, they increase knowledge about mental illness, reduce stigma, and empower people to create change. To learn more, please visit

SelectHealth recognizes the empowerment given by Latino Behavioral Health Services as another example of how Utah Gives Back.