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Vernal Utah
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Vernal Utah might not be on top of your vacation adventures BUT it should be: here are 3 reasons why Vernal should be your next family trip

Photo: Getty Images

Vernal UtahThis article about Vernal Utah is sponsored by Uintah County Travel and Tourism. You can go beyond the bones this summer in Dinosaurland!

This summer you’re probably chomping at the bit to get out and do some fun adventures. Why not check out Vernal Utah? Vernal is closer than you think and has some amazingly fun activities. Here are 3 awesome ideas of places to explore around Vernal, UT:

1. Fantasy Canyon

Fantasy Canyon - Vernal Utah

Department of the Interior – Photo: Bob Wick

The first place you should check out is one of the most surreal places in Utah; Fantasy Canyon. The unusual and extremely fragile rocks were formed around 38-50 million years ago. They were formed under part of the lake that used to occupy the Uinta Basin. The canyon is about 40 miles south of Vernal but is absolutely worth the trip to see these incredible sandstone formations.

2. Visit the State Parks

Red Fleet State Park - Vernal Utah Weather

Red Fleet State Park. Photo: Marc Piscotty/© 2017

With 3 state parks just minutes from downtown Vernal, the adventures begin within minutes of arriving in Vernal. Visit make a stop at the Utah Field House of Natural History State Park Museum. 14 life size Dinosaurs are waiting to meet you in the gardens. Also, make sure and check out the paleontologist working in the lab on recently discover bones. Next, plan to spend the day at Red Fleet State Park. Northeastern Utah’s “Little Lake Powell” huge red cliffs for jumping, paddling, boating, and tracking to the dinosaur track way. Book a night in a Tepee for a true heritage experience. Finally, visit Steinaker State Park for fishing, camping, or swimming at the beach. Whatever adventure you choose, we promise you will leave with a memory to last a life time.

3. Dinosaur National Monument

Vernal Utah - Dinosaur National Monument

Photo: Uinta County Travel & Tourism

No journey to Vernal would be complete without a trip to Dinosaur National Monument. The site includes over 800 paleontological sites where fossils of Allosaurus, Apatosaurus, Camarasaurus, and Stegosaurus have been unearthed. It’s amazing how many complete dinosaur fossils have been found here. The centerpiece is the incredible Quarry Exhibit Hall’s fossil wall. There you can see over 1,500 fossilized dinosaur bones in one place. Don’t let the name fool you, Dinosaur is about more than just dinosaurs. White Water Rafting, Native American Petroglyphs, hikes, and wild west history of Butch Cassidy and Sundance at Josie Morris Cabin will keep you entertained for days.

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