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Man found dead after shooting through door at paramedics and police
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Man found dead after shooting through door at paramedics and police

(photo: Getty Images)

WEST HAVEN — Police say a man was found dead by a self-inflicted wound in Weber County on Sunday after he had fired a gun through his door at medical workers and police.

The medical workers were called to help someone who had a seizure but upon arrival were met with a second male who was reportedly uncooperative.

In a statement police said, “Medical units backed away and called for Weber County Sheriff’s Deputies to respond, as the patient they were originally called for had been transported by family members to a local hospital.”

The police say that when they approached the house the man opened fire from inside and fired several shots through the door, none of which hit any police or medical workers.

A perimeter was set up by police  and SWAT was contacted for assistance. During this time police said, “A CODE RED alert was put out for those in the area to shelter in place and several neighboring homes were evacuated.”

The Ogden Metro SWAT team arrived and attempted to make contact with the man for several hours to no avail.

Police say when entry to the home was made, the man was found dead by what looked like a self-inflicted wound. 

Law enforcement officers did not fire any weapons.

The case is still under investigation. 



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