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Park City fireworks
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Park City bans fireworks ‘effective immediately’

Park City is pictured on Friday, July 14, 2017. (Deseret News)

PARK CITY, Utah — Park City has banned all fireworks, explosive devices and open fires within city limits effective immediately.

Beginning at 11 am on Wednesday, fireworks are once again legal in the state of Utah in advance of Pioneer Day, but Park City Fire Code Official Dave Thacker says current weather conditions have increased the threat of wildfires in the area, which led to the ban.

“Over the past several weeks we have been monitoring these conditions and have determined the need to enact an Open Flame and Fireworks ban throughout the City,” Thacker said in a news release Wednesday.

The new ban inside Park City comes on the heels of similar restrictions issued by Summit County who prohibited fireworks in all unincorporated areas on Monday. 


The city says residential barbecues and briquettes are the only exemption.

The fireworks ban in will remain in place until officials rescind it.

The full news release can be found here.


Summit County lays out firework restrictions