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School districts in Northern Utah begin to announce fall plans

File: Students leave Logan High School on Wednesday, March 29, 2017. The Logan City School District is one of three northern Utah districts to reveal its fall plans. Photo: Nicole Boliaux, Deseret News

OGDEN, Utah — A trio of school districts in Northern Utah are finalizing their plans for the fall. Most administrators continue to call the moves temporary and hope to return to a “normal” schedule soon.

Half-days all over Northern Utah

Logan’s Board of Education is approving a half-day schedule, but only for a limited time. The Herald Journal reports the other option, which was rejected by the board, was instituting a district-wide A/B schedule. Under that plan students would receive full-day instruction twice a week.

Board members agree that, ideally, the district will move to a full-time schedule when they meet again on Sept. 8.

It will be a similar experience for students in the Box Elder School District. Their schools are going forward with four-hour days for the first two weeks of the school year.

Box Elder Superintendent Steve Carlsen says the plan will allow teachers time to work on their online curriculum and have it ready in case they have to go to an online format. The shorter days also give more time to members of the custodial crew to deep clean and sanitize the buildings.

Mask mandate

In terms of safety precautions, schools in Ogden are shedding more light on what resources will be available. District leaders say every employee and student will receive two reusable cloth face coverings.

In total, the state board of education will provide over 11,000 masks to the Ogden School District.

For the time being, they are preparing students and families that extra-curricular activities may be placed on hold.

“Assemblies, dances, literacy nights and other large gatherings which are not deemed essential will be conducted virtually or will not be allowed until further notice. Extracurricular activities such as sanctioned sports and other approved events and activities will follow guidelines in Keeping Ogden Healthy,” the district’s website reads.