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Escape to a magical fairyland

Pam Hathaway's magical fairyland garden in Sandy, Utah. Photo credit: Maria Shilaos

COVID-19 and months of social turmoil have left many of us wishing for a return to simpler times, like experiences from our childhood. But for one Sandy resident that escape just means stepping into her magical fairyland of a garden. 

Pamela Hathaway’s fairy garden is no ordinary garden graced by fairies and miniature houses. She’s created a magical fairyland in a large section of her yard with each accessory purposefully placed to create a lifelike miniature village where fairies reside.

 Step into a magical fairyland 

Pamela Hathaway’s fairy garden Photo: Maria Shilaos

Hathaway said the inspiration for her fairy garden comes from her fond memories of her grandfather and childhood.

“My love for fairies goes way back because my granddad always said to me, ‘Pam let’s go down to the bottom of the yard and see if we can see some fairies.’”

When she stands in her garden, Hathaway says she can imagine herself entering the miniature hobbit house on the side of the hill and exploring its steps and tunnels.
Not only does she feel her granddad’s presence in her garden; she believes he’s her guardian angel.

Hathaway’s fairy garden sits up off the ground by several feet, making it a more immersive experience. The fairyland is built around her main focal point, which is a water feature with a little girl sitting atop a pile of rocks and water cascading down the sides.

Surrounding the fountain is the fairy village with a myriad of miniature fairy houses including a bakery, farm and greenhouse. Hathaway has used moss, a variety of groundcovers and bonsai type trees to make her village more lifelike.

The key to the garden’s magical qualities is Hathaway’s attention to detail.

One example is her use of colorful flowers and butterflies that were once buttons on little girls’ dresses. Each accessory, whether it’s a miniature hatchet, clothes line or picket fence, is intricately placed to add to the fantasy and prompt imagination. Plus, a stone path (made of aquarium gravel) connects each fairy house as it runs through the fairyland.

Photo: Maria Shilaos

Hathaway has created the garden for her family and friends to enjoy. She hopes they will find joy and peace.

“I hope when people come into my yard, it’s peaceful and away from all of the chaos… and all of the things that are going on in this world. It’s joy and peace that we need.”

Enjoy all of the “little things” you will find in this magical journey through Pamela Hathaway’s garden in the full video below:

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