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Police say South Jordan man made the explosives they had to detonate
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South Jordan explosive material identified by police

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah — The South Jordan Police Department released a statement saying that the man they took into custody on Saturday made the explosives that were found in his home. 

The SJPD said Ryan McManigal, 42, was responsible for the “catastrophic” amounts of peroxide-based explosive material found inside his South Jordan home.

“With the assistance of FBI Bomb Technicians and the FBI Lab, have determined the explosive substances discovered on June 24, 2020, is presumptively believed to be a peroxide-based explosive manufactured by Mr. McManigal in his home.

The Events Leading up to the standoff

Police say that the investigation into Ryan McManigal, 42, began Saturday, July 18 when he was suspected of sending threatening messages to the owner of a local restaurant. 

Officers issued a trespass notice to McManigal on the restaurant’s behalf. 

The following day, police responded to a report of McManigal pacing in his back yard holding a rifle with witnesses reporting possible gunshots being heard. 

An investigation unit was deployed to McManigal’s house where they determined it was unlawful for him to be in possession of firearms. 

Through further investigation, they believed he may have been suffering from mental issues and contacted the UNI Mobile Crisis Outreach Team (MCOT) for assistance. The MCOT worked with McManigal for several days, after which the police determined the public risk to the surrounding neighborhood was too great to delay arrest any further.

The South Valley Crisis Negotiation Team advised McManigal to surrender. He refused as a Tactical Unit in armored vehicles approached his home.

Police say McManigal immediately opened fire shooting 15-20 rounds at officers before his gun jammed. He then surrendered to police.


After the standoff, authorities found explosives in McManigal’s home. Under the direction of West Valley Unified Fire, and FBI Bomb Squads, they proceeded to evacuate 168 residences and over 30 businesses. 

“We expected firearms. We did not expect a pretty massive explosive device,” said Lt. Matt Pennington, spokesperson for the South Jordan Police Department told KSL.

“There was a pretty substantial amount in the garage in a 5-gallon bucket and some more in his basement,” said Pennington. “Some of the stuff I heard the (FBI) agents and bomb techs throwing around is that this was the most they’ve ever seen.”

Due to the danger of removing the explosives, they were detonated inside his home. 

Police say there is still an ongoing investigation into how the substances came into McManigal’s possession.

Police say the most significant damage was contained to McManigal’s home and only minor damage to a nearby home.


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