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Online school, Canyons School District begins online open enrollment
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Canyons School District begins online open enrollment

Online school has created an environment that in some cases has simplified social dynamics for students, providing relief from class bullies and social media pressure. Credit: fizkes/Shutterstock via CNN

SANDY, Utah – The Canyons School District has started its annual online open enrollment. Though the district has held open enrollment online for years, Fall 2020’s options for students are a little different because of COVID-19. 

Parents can choose to send their children to school on-campus or continue doing online classes. 

District spokesman Jeff Haney says they are also offering a Guided At Home option, which is similar to homeschooling. 

“This is for the parents who like guiding their child’s learning [and], perhaps, wants to maintain that connection to the local neighborhood school and maintain access to services,” Haney says. 

Those services would include counseling and teacher support. 

Haney says they want as many people as possible to sign up as soon as possible. 

“The faster we have the firm enrollment numbers, the quicker we can make decisions about programs and class sizes and which assignments teachers will be given for the school year,” Haney said. 

They will also be able to send out more information to parents and students about the upcoming semester.

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