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Strong storm damages homes in Cache County

SMITHFIELD, Utah — Shortly after 3 p.m. on Tuesday, a large storm began to dump rain and then hail across Smithfield just south of Logan damaging a number of homes.

“[The hail] got bigger and bigger, [and] the water was just flowing everywhere,” Lisa Anderson told KSL.

About 30 minutes later, husband Kelly Anderson said the hail piled was shin-deep near his sidewalk.


“The next thing we know, this (storm drain) is backed up because the water came from the north and the south and the east,” Anderson said.

The downpour quickly began to saturate the couple’s property and a small stream began to build up in their yard as the Anderson’s tried to prevent it from entering their basement.

Kelly Anderson grabbed a shovel to try and get a trench to stop it from getting through the basement windows but was unsuccessful. Their basement flooded with a few inches of water.

One local flood damage cleanup company said they were responding to at least nine homes in the area.