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Rattlesnakes Gibbons Park Playground
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Logan police close Gibbons Park Playground after rattlesnake sighting

(Photo Credit: Logan City Police Department)

LOGAN CITY— On Thursday, Logan City Police posted on Facebook reporting they had to close the Gibbons Park Playground because rattlesnakes have been spotted in the area.


Corporal Brian Ray with Logan Police and Animal Control said,  “We had a report of a snake and possibly two, one for sure was confirmed to be a rattlesnake.” Ray said they sent officers out to the park last night to check it out, and “the snake had crawled under cement section of the playground.  We went up a couple of times today looking… and we haven’t seen it again.” 

Gibbons Park Playground has not responded about the rattlesnakes yet. 

Ray says rattlesnakes can frequent the area during the summer.  “[Gibbons Park Playground] is right on the edge of the mountain there, and there’s a big sagebrush knoll that comes down right to the top of the park, so, it’s prone to having rattlesnakes for sure.  We get rattlesnake calls from the houses along the East Bench a few times a year.” 

Corporal Ray says if you see a rattlesnake, call the police.  “Give us a call, we’ll catch it if we can and take it up the Canyon away from the playground.”  The number is 435-753-7555.