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Farmers Feeding Utah assist Salvation Army following theft

Utah farmers are stepping up to help after food was stolen from the Salvation Army's pantry. (PHOTO: KSL TV's Alex Cabrero.)

OGDEN, Utah — Utah farmers are stepping up to help after food was stolen from the Salvation Army’s pantry. Someone broke into the Ogden Salvation Army Monday night, just days before a big community giveaway. As it turns out, Farmers Feeding Utah was in a perfect position to help out.

Farmers Feeding Utah to the rescue

There was a large Farmers Feeding Utah event at the Utah State Fairgrounds the same night of the burglary. Following the FFU event, they still had half a semi-truck load of food leftover.

After learning of the theft, they decided to help out and deliver enough food to feed about 400 people. That includes 5,000 pounds of carrots, 2,000 pounds of potatoes, 1,000 pounds of salami and 200 pounds of eggs.

For the Salvation Army, it was a much needed last-second blessing.

“We do deal with the homeless. We deal with low-income families. We deal with people affected by coronavirus,” Ogden Major Dan Wilson, who runs their Salvation Army, tells KSL-TV. “There has been a lot of disruptions in people’s lives that are causing them to have different points in time that they’re needing food and needing help.”

The person, or group of people responsible, stole a computer and other items.

“They kind of made a mess of the place,” explains Heidi LeBlanc, with Farmers Feeding Utah.

The Ogden Police Department says additional details about the break-in and investigation are not available at this time. So far, they’re indicating the burglars broke into the building by coming through a window.