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Alpine School District urges parents to let them know if kids will return for in-person learning
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Alpine School District urges parents to let them know if kids will return for in-person learning

Most schools in the state start classes next week, although some districts say they’re still looking to hire dozens of teachers. (PHOTO: Deseret News)

AMERICAN FORK – Educators in the Alpine School District say many parents missed the deadline to weigh in on whether they wanted face-to-face learning or not.  District officials say they’re reaching out to parents to get a count of how many children will be back in the classroom.

The district sent messages to parents which gave them three choices on how their kids will attend school when the fall semester begins.  Kids could either attend class in person, or they could choose one of two options that allow children to learn from home.  The deadline to respond to the Alpine School District was Thursday, but only about 85 percent of parents gave their responses.  However, Assistant Superintendent Rhonda Bromley tells KSL’s Live Mic with Lee Lonsberry it might not be the parents’ fault.

“There are a lot of reasons why parents haven’t declared and we’re reaching out to parents, now,” she says.

Some families tell district officials they never received the request, so they never sent it back.  Others believed that at-home learning was something that they had to opt into.

“Many parents are telling us that they just assume they would know that they would want face-to-face.  They thought they would only have to go in if they wanted the online version,” says Bromley.

The other options for parents include online learning or packets parents can use that would replicate homeschooling.  Bromley says there seems to be only a little interest in that third option.

She says, “It’s more so in the younger grades.  More elementary parents seem to be more confident to be able to help their students at home than [parents of] older students do.”

Out of the families that did respond to the district, an overwhelming majority, 86 percent, want their kids to return to the classroom for face-to-face learning.  Now, the district has to assure people they’re doing everything they can to prevent COVID-19 from spreading.

Bromley says, “We’re putting so many precautions in places and doing so many things to make sure everybody feels safe at the school.”

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